How To Plan A Great Family Reunion In Victoria

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Is it your turn to plan this summer's family reunion? If you have chosen Victoria as your destination, you will be everybody's hero. If any of the members of your family and extended family have visited Victoria in the past, they will surely be happy about returning to this amazing city. If this will be a first time visit for you and your family members, prepare to fall in love. You will probably want to return many times. From lodging to activities, here are some ideas that may inspire you to plan a fun and memorable reunion.

First Things First - After you get confirmation on how many will be coming from each family, you'll want to make lodging plans. Victoria is a popular tourist destination during the entire year, but the summer months get really crazy. Make reservations as soon as possible so you won't be disappointed later on. Try to stay in downtown Victoria, or at least close to the downtown area. That's where a lot of the action is. There are historic hotels that look like they are straight out of a picture book. However, if you can't get a hotel in the downtown area, don't despair. There are excellent motels in all price ranges outside of the downtown area. If you have your own transportation, you've got it made. Otherwise, taxi services from your motel to downtown is affordable and safe. If anybody in your party has special needs, like wheelchair accessibility, be sure to tell the reservation clerk right when you make your reservations. Also, if anybody will be bringing a pet, be sure that the motel is pet-friendly.

Plan Activities - Plan on at least a day right in the downtown area. There are museums, art galleries, wonderful restaurants and shops that offer anything from toys to couture clothes. It might be fun to plan a scavenger hunt. Divide the group into teams, give them a list of things to find, and give prizes to those that are in the winning team. List things like a historic hotel, a bagpipe player, a mime, an ice cream shop, and a government building. Don't just stay downtown, though. Plan a day at Butchart Gardens. You'll have to drive a bit of a distance, but what you find will be worth every mile. Also, tour the beautiful residential areas for which Victoria is famous.

Don't forget to bring a jacket or a sweater for cool mornings and evenings. And, a pair of comfortable shoes are a must.

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