Tips For Getting Cheaper Charter Flight Prices

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Private jets and charter flights are incredible ways of travelling. They allow you to have enough legroom that you are actually able to travel in comfort, let you bring your dog along for the ride, and allow you to avoid any security that accompanies normal flying. However, charter flights can be extremely expensive and out of reach for some people. Here are some tips for flying on a charter flight for as cheap as possible in order to make the trip of your dreams come true. 1. Have An Open Set of Dates When You Can Leave Try to maintain flexibility with your travel schedule as much as possible and then websites that find private jets and charter flights with empty seats. Go on the site each day to see what destinations have open seats and consider purchasing the website’s next day deal, which is when the seats are available for a ridiculously cheap price as long as you are able to depart one day later. If you are able to build in flexibility with your vacation schedule and don’t need to leave by a specific date, you can easily get a charter flight to your destination. Consider being willing to fly on different flights if you are travelling with more than just yourself in order to help you find the seats that you need more quickly. 2. Call the Company Itself Websites are not able to get all of the open seats in time. If you call the private jet companies that are near you that you would be willing to travel to, you can ask about any open seats within the next few days that are going to the location that you want to vacation in. The company will often be more than happy to offer you a steep discount in order to avoid flying with empty seats, which could result in a loss of profits in that particular flight for them.  3. Get a Monthly Subscription If you fly more than four or five times per month, it might be worth your while to get a charter flight membership on a monthly basis. Do the math and see if getting the monthly membership would be worth it. For frequent travelers who fly many miles, getting the monthly membership might result in chartered flights that are just as cheap as economy class tickets. For more information, talk to a company that specializes in charter flights (like Genesis Aviation...

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Jingle Bell Rock And Motel Hop: How To Make Your Motel Room Christmas Ready

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Taking a trip for the holidays can be an occasion that builds lasting family memories. If you have decided to take a trip to the holidays, you may have plenty planned around the town, but it is important not to neglect the holiday spirit inside of your room. If you are going away for Christmas, here are some tips for making your temporary room holiday ready.  Bring a miniature tree Opening the Christmas presents or singing Christmas carols often takes place around the Christmas tree. Staying a motel (such as Deluxe Inn) in the city of your trip does not mean that you need to neglect the Christmas decorations. Bring a small table tree along with you that can sit on the floor or on a desk. Keep the desk or table clear aside from the tree and other holiday decorations and presents so that it can act as a base point for getting into the holiday spirit. Keep the Christmas songs or movies in the background When you and the family come in after a day on the town, crank up the Christmas tunes on the radio. If you and your family enjoy specific Christmas shows, keep the television on in the background as you wind down and prepare to go to bed for the night. Keeping the Christmas shows on while you are in the room is a good way to spend some holiday time as a family, the same way that you would if you were at home. Bring along the green and red Christmas pajamas per night, as well. Seek out Santa Whether you are a family with young children or adults, you should seek out Santa and the rest of the North Pole crew wherever you are. Before going back to your lodging for the night, look for Santa’s lap to sit on for photographs. If you are visiting a large city, find out where the holiday displays and light fixtures are around the city. Seeking out signs of the holiday before you go back to the room will put you in a holiday mood before going to bed for the night. Open gifts, then call loved ones Even if you plan to open gifts when you go back home, everyone should have something to open on Christmas morning. Bring along the presents so that everyone has at least one Christmas item to enjoy on the morning of the holiday. After you have opened your gifts, call loved ones to share in their Christmas day joy. Talking to the holiday and sending well wishes on the holiday makes the holiday feel authentic no matter where you are....

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Three Exercises To Keep You Active While Visiting A Hotel

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If you’re the type of person who enjoys some form of daily exercise — perhaps you jog each morning or hit the gym on your way home from work — travelling can often pose a challenge to keeping up with this routine. Staying at a hotel (such as Canadas Best Value Inn) with a fitness centre and pool gives you access to multiple ways of keeping active, but if your schedule is such that you’re not in the hotel when these facilities are open, it’s time to get creative. It’s possible to use your room and the area around it to keep active, provided you do so quietly so you’re not disturbing other guests. Here are three exercises you can perform.  Triceps Dips Triceps dips are an ideal exercise to perform in your hotel room because they don’t generate any impact that could disturb other guests. Additionally, all you’ll need for this upper-body workout is a chair, ottoman or the edge of the bed. Sit on one of these stable pieces of furniture and place your hands on the edge at shoulder-width apart. Extend your legs so your feet are resting on your heels and then use your arms to lift your body off the edge of the furniture. By bending your arms, you’ll lower your torso toward the ground; as you straighten your arms, you’ll lift yourself back up. For muscle toning, perform this exercise 12 times. Hallway Laps If you’d rather not go for a walk outdoors due to the weather, the hallways of your hotel can serve as a valuable place to get some cardio exercise. Begin on the ground floor of the hotel and walk the length of the hall to the stairway at the end. Climb the stairs and walk the length of the second-floor hall to the stairs at the other end of the building. You can repeat this zig-zag pattern all the way up to the top floor, and then retrace your steps back to the ground floor. The stair climbing gives an added challenge and by walking, you won’t be making enough noise to bother other guests. Calf Raises To perform calf raises, you just need access to a set of stairs. Stand with your toes on the edge of the bottom stair and hold the railing for support. Lower your heels so they’re below your toes, and then engage your calves to raise your heels until you’re standing on your tip-toes. Repeat the exercise 12 times. For convenience, you can include this exercise partway through your hallway lap...

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3 Tips For Vacationing With Young Children

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Family vacations are wonderful events that can last in memories that last a lifetime. But vacationing with young children can be challenging, especially if you don’t plan carefully. When you’re planning your next vacation with your young kids keep the following things in mind to help ensure that the trip is fun and everything goes smoothly: Think About your Itinerary Carefully When travelling to a new destination, it is natural to want to see as many attractions as possible, but when you’re vacationing with young kids you don’t want to pack your day with too many activities. If you make an itinerary that has your family busy from morning to evening, you’ll just end up with cranky children, which will make everyone miserable. Feel free to schedule a few planned activities and excursions, but when traveling with young children everyone is more likely to have fun if there is flexibility and time in the day for a nap, if needed. Choose a Family-Friendly Hotel The accommodations that you choose can make a big impact in how enjoyable your family vacation is. When planning, look for a family-friendly hotel, preferably one that has in-room refrigerators and possibly a microwave. Having a refrigerator and microwave will allow you to easily store and prepare beverages and snacks– as most parents know from experience, hunger can turn the happiest child into a cranky mess, so it is very helpful to have snacks on hand in your hotel room. Hotels that offer free onsite breakfast are also great for families– you can save money on your food budget, and everyone can start the day off right with a good meal without having to find a breakfast restaurant. If your children are small enough to still need a crib, don’t forget to find out if your hotel has portable cribs available; if they do make sure you reserve one in advance. Have a Plan for Keeping Your Children Entertained Many vacations involve going out to eat in restaurants, going on excursions, or waiting in line to get into different attractions. Some young children get easily bored during these types of activities, so it is important to have a plan to keep them entertained. Think about what interests your young kids, and keep small toys and books on hand to distract them if they start acting out. Depending on the situation, you may want to download some educational apps on your cell phone or tablet that will keep your kids happy and occupied while waiting.  For more information, look into what amenities are available at the hotels in the area you’re visiting, such as the Fort McMurray hotel at The Bridgeport...

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Tips For Finding The Best Hotel When Vacationing With Kids

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Traveling with the whole family can be a mixture of fun and stress. Fortunately, there are ways to alleviate the stress and focus more on the enjoyment of the experience. The following tips can help you and your kids have more fun, even when you are living out of a hotel for a week or longer. Tip #1: Choose a Home Base Kids can adjust to almost any new routine relatively quickly, so the best way to craft an enjoyable vacation is to create a sense of “home away from home.” Instead of planning a whirlwind trip through all the provinces, with a different hotel every night, consider picking one region and exploring it thoroughly instead. Pick out a home base hotel to stay in, and then radiate out in a different direction each day for sight-seeing or activities. Stay in town when possible, though. This way if you or the kids need a day off from adventure, you can simply entertain yourselves exploring the downtown area around your hotel. The hotel concierge can point you to the best restaurants for families, or even send you to local parks that your kids are sure to love. Tip #2: Consider a Suite It can be worth it to upgrade to a suite when you are traveling with kids. Suites typically have one or two beds, along with a separate living area. Often, the couch in the living area also transforms into a bed. En-suite kitchens are also usually included in a suite. This set-up is more like a small house, which gives everyone room to spread out and minimizes the need to rush out and buy food every time a young tummy grumbles. If a suite isn’t possible, consider getting two adjoining rooms and opt for a hotel that at least offers in-room microwave ovens, mini-fridges, and coffee makers. Tip #3: Check Out the Hotel Amenities A swimming pool can solve many vacation troubles when kids are involved. Indoor pool options are necessary for winter trips, of course, while an indoor or outdoor pool works well during the summer. When touring and sight-seeing have become too much, letting the kids burn off energy in the pool may be just what they need to improve their attitudes. Other kid-friendly amenities are included breakfast services, which ensures the kids start the day with a full stomach, and free wi-fi for their electronic entertainment devices. Some hotels may even offer child care services, which is a plus for mom and dad if they need a break. There are a lot of different hotel options out there in all kinds of places, so consider checking into all your options to see which one works best for you and your family, such as a hotel in Smithers at Capri Motor...

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