Tips For Getting Cheaper Charter Flight Prices

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Private jets and charter flights are incredible ways of travelling. They allow you to have enough legroom that you are actually able to travel in comfort, let you bring your dog along for the ride, and allow you to avoid any security that accompanies normal flying. However, charter flights can be extremely expensive and out of reach for some people. Here are some tips for flying on a charter flight for as cheap as possible in order to make the trip of your dreams come true.

1. Have An Open Set of Dates When You Can Leave

Try to maintain flexibility with your travel schedule as much as possible and then websites that find private jets and charter flights with empty seats. Go on the site each day to see what destinations have open seats and consider purchasing the website's next day deal, which is when the seats are available for a ridiculously cheap price as long as you are able to depart one day later. If you are able to build in flexibility with your vacation schedule and don't need to leave by a specific date, you can easily get a charter flight to your destination. Consider being willing to fly on different flights if you are travelling with more than just yourself in order to help you find the seats that you need more quickly.

2. Call the Company Itself

Websites are not able to get all of the open seats in time. If you call the private jet companies that are near you that you would be willing to travel to, you can ask about any open seats within the next few days that are going to the location that you want to vacation in. The company will often be more than happy to offer you a steep discount in order to avoid flying with empty seats, which could result in a loss of profits in that particular flight for them. 

3. Get a Monthly Subscription

If you fly more than four or five times per month, it might be worth your while to get a charter flight membership on a monthly basis. Do the math and see if getting the monthly membership would be worth it. For frequent travelers who fly many miles, getting the monthly membership might result in chartered flights that are just as cheap as economy class tickets.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in charter flights (like Genesis Aviation Inc).