3 Tips For Vacationing With Young Children

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Family vacations are wonderful events that can last in memories that last a lifetime. But vacationing with young children can be challenging, especially if you don't plan carefully. When you're planning your next vacation with your young kids keep the following things in mind to help ensure that the trip is fun and everything goes smoothly:

Think About your Itinerary Carefully

When travelling to a new destination, it is natural to want to see as many attractions as possible, but when you're vacationing with young kids you don't want to pack your day with too many activities. If you make an itinerary that has your family busy from morning to evening, you'll just end up with cranky children, which will make everyone miserable. Feel free to schedule a few planned activities and excursions, but when traveling with young children everyone is more likely to have fun if there is flexibility and time in the day for a nap, if needed.

Choose a Family-Friendly Hotel

The accommodations that you choose can make a big impact in how enjoyable your family vacation is. When planning, look for a family-friendly hotel, preferably one that has in-room refrigerators and possibly a microwave. Having a refrigerator and microwave will allow you to easily store and prepare beverages and snacks-- as most parents know from experience, hunger can turn the happiest child into a cranky mess, so it is very helpful to have snacks on hand in your hotel room. Hotels that offer free onsite breakfast are also great for families-- you can save money on your food budget, and everyone can start the day off right with a good meal without having to find a breakfast restaurant. If your children are small enough to still need a crib, don't forget to find out if your hotel has portable cribs available; if they do make sure you reserve one in advance.

Have a Plan for Keeping Your Children Entertained

Many vacations involve going out to eat in restaurants, going on excursions, or waiting in line to get into different attractions. Some young children get easily bored during these types of activities, so it is important to have a plan to keep them entertained. Think about what interests your young kids, and keep small toys and books on hand to distract them if they start acting out. Depending on the situation, you may want to download some educational apps on your cell phone or tablet that will keep your kids happy and occupied while waiting. 

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